2019 Spring ME302 Materials Mechanics
2018 Fall ME302 Materials Mechanics
2018 Spring ME495/695 Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
2017 Fall ME302 Mechanics Materials
2017 Spring ME302 Mechanics Materials
2016 Fall ME495/695 Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
2016 Spring ME302 Mechanics Materials
2015 Fall ME495/695 Nanomaterials for Energy Applications
ME302 Mechanics Materials
2015 Spring ME302 Mechanics Materials

ME302 Mechanics Materials

Materials Mechanics is a course in the understanding of solid body mechanics. The objectives are to understand (i) the concept of normal stress/strain, shear stress/strain, (ii) how to measurement the stress and strain through experiments and correlate the behavior of some engineering materials to the stress-strain diagram (iii) stress analysis, materials’ behavior and deformation with axially loaded members, twisted shafts, and bent beams (iv) stress/strain transformation and Mohr’s circle and (vi) the concepts of deflection of beams and column buckling

ME495/695 Nanomaterials for Energy Applications

Special Topics: Nanomaterials for Energy Applications is a course to introduce different energy technologies and nanomaterials for these applications. The objectives are as follows:
– Understand the issues related to climate change and energy usage
– Understand the fundamentals on renewable energy applications
– Learn the relationships between material properties/structures and performance of the technologies
– Learn the knowledge from technical journal papers